An armed force or a military force is an organization that is professionally and formally authorized by deadly weapons and a force in order to support the states' interest. The armed forces typically consist of several branches that are partitioned as Army, Air Force, and Navy, and there are certain countries that have some armed forces that are called Coast Guard and Marines. The primary objective of the armed forces is to defend the country and its citizens and to prevent them from the war that is declared against them by other countries. The defense forces also indulge in the works of rescue and other disaster relief activities when the country or a part of the country is faced with calamities and other natural disasters. Sometimes the defense forces are used in the relief activities when there is a fire accident in any building premises. The military may also involve in the works that of promoting a political agenda, protecting the interests of the corporate economy, controlling the internal population, providing protection to the social ceremonies that are happening in the public places, and also guarding the areas that are considered important in the country, like the secretariat and other government offices.

The military is also deployed in the various places where there are important records and documents are kept. The army and the other defense forces are considered to be one of the prestigious positions in the society and this can also turn lethal for the soldiers when they are deployed in the areas that are risky. Nowadays the countries that are advanced in the technology are using artificial intelligence in the armed forces in order to evict the loss of resources. This is one of the latest technologies that is used in the armed forces of the developed countries. The military is often deployed in many of the individual infrastructures that may include schools, logistics, medical, food production, banking, housing, utilities, and healthcare industries. In general, the armed forces are used in the places that are prone to attacks. There might occur some scenarios like a minister who holds a high position in the society and in the political hierarchy gets admitted in a hospital due to some health issues then the army needs to cover up the premises in order to monitor the entire perimeter to ensure the safety of the higher official. Apart from this, there are other scenarios that the army might need to be deployed.


The profession in general, that is the everyday work of the soldiers include as the part of the military is very lethal and this is being continued throughout the history. There are some works that would portray the events and the trails that went through over the time in the history. The battle of Kadesh that took place in the year of 1274 BC was one of the biggest wars that took place in the world, the war was in Egypt and the king Pharaoh Ramses actually celebrated the defeat and he was overwhelmed by the monuments that were built by him. There are many other incidents that had taken place in the history and Romans were known to this as they have captured many countries and regions.

Each country has its own definition and territory of defending the countries and its boundaries. The word ‘military' was first used in the year of 1585, which was derived from the Latin language. The Latin word ‘Military' which means ‘Soldier' and there are pieces of evidence that the word has a root from French, where the etymology is uncertain. And there are suggestions that the word has a meaning of mass or body.


The word army is derived from a Latin word area that means ‘weapons or arms', through the French word ‘armée', which means ‘armed' or ground force is a force that is used for fighting on the land primarily. To make it simple, the word army means a military that is based on the land, an armed service or a service branch of a nation or a particular state. In some nations, the word ‘army' refers to the whole armed forces that are present in the nation. By convention, the irregular army is an armed force and military is understood that they are used for personal bodyguards or other personal securities. But the regular army is referred to the standardized uniforms, doctrines and organizations and etcetera. And the regular army is also referred to the full-time service (commonly known as standing army), is in contrast with the part-time or reserved personnel.

The term field army is composed to the in a headquarters with some troops of the army along with a variable number of corps and number of division, both the division has a personnel of three to four. Usually, the field army is controlled by a Lieutenant General or a General, and also commonly the army is named differently named from other land-based forces in order to differentiate and distinguish from other land-based armed forces. Usually, the army is divided into several parts, namely Corps, Division, Brigade, and Battalion.


Usually, the Corps consists of two or more divisions and it is commissioned and commanded by a Lieutenant General. And they are one of the lethal forces that are deployed on the land.


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Afghanistan Commemorative Medal

Air and Space Campaign Medal

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Air Force Aerial Achievement Medal

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